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Boston pianos

Boston Pianos

The Boston piano combines Steinway experience with volume production methods to bring you a competitively priced instrument with Steinway quality.

Boston pianos have a unique balanced key action, and the Steinway-designed soundboard, made from solid Sitka spruce, gives you more soundboard area than any other similar sized piano.


There are 29 Exclusive features in Boston Pianos

  1. Hardwood inserts in keyframe
  2. Hardwood key buttons
  3. Solid straight grain spruce keys
  4. Textured synthetic ivory keys
  5. All wood action parts - No plastic
  6. Extruded aluminium action rail
  7. Steinway patented bevelled flanges
  8. Steinway type perma free bushing
  9. Steinway designed octagonal hammershank
  10. Steinway designed pear shaped hammers
  11. Wisconsin Hard Rock Maple multidirectional pinblock
  12. Nickel plated cut threaded tuning pins
  13. Highest grade steel strings from Roslau
  14. Solid copper wound bass strings
  15. Long fibre, grey iron vacuum cast plate (frame)
  16. Steinway design tapered, solid spruce soundboard
  17. Steinway patent vertically laminated bridge with solid maple cap
  18. Steinway patent duplex scale
  19. Full sostenuto in grands/muffler pedal in verticals
  20. Locking top and fallboard (most grands)
  21. Solid brass hardware
  22. Slow-fall fallboard
  23. Weighted, non warp keyslip
  24. Bevelled cse parts (most grands)
  25. Steinway designed low tension string scale
  26. Steinway Model "A" wide tail design
  27. Steinway type radial bracing (grands) staggered backposts (verticals)
  28. Steinway type fully let in spruce ribs
  29. Ten year warranty
boston piano floor plans

To see how a Boston Grand will fit into your home email Stuart for a FREE life-sized Grand Piano Floor Plan

The Steinway Price Promise

If at any time within ten years of the date of purchase you decide to trade your Boston piano for a new Steinway and Sons grand piano you will receive an allowance equal to the full purchase price of your Boston piano.

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